Ultrabasic is a brand based on regard and acknowledgment of craftsmen. We ask, rather than you recollect this when you are posting deal with Ultrabasic. In the event that you ensure that every one of the works you transfer comprise of your own one of a kind, unique thoughts and are not encroaching on the protected innovation or exposure privileges of another, you will enable us to develop the strong and imaginative condition that is Ultrabasic. Furthermore, other than being against to all that Ultrabasic represents, taking other individuals' work and passing it off as your very own is illegal:

There are a few universal settlements that identify with licensed innovation, however, the laws are not perfect over the world. Notwithstanding, as a rule…

Copyright law secures the statement of a unique thought recorded in a substantial frame, for example, fine art as photos or depictions and scholarly works as ballads or stories.

TRADEMARK law ensures the utilization of words, images, plans or logos that recognize and recognize a wellspring of products.

PUBLICITY RIGHTS secure a person's name, picture, and comparability. Essentially, this implies you can't utilize another person's character, further bolstering your business advantage, without their endorsement.

A NOTE ON REASONABLE USE: You may have the capacity to fuse another person's copyright or trademark into your own work on the off chance that you do it so that that is considered "reasonable use" or so that qualifies as another worthy use. In any case, if it's not too much trouble know that "reasonable use" ordinarily applies in restricted conditions and isn't equivalent to "the right to speak freely". In all honesty "reasonable use" is a troublesome idea, notwithstanding for the specialists, and the extent of "reasonable use" is diverse in various nations. So regardless of whether you think you've made a work secured by "reasonable use" or another worthy use, you should converse with a lawyer preceding utilizing it regarding the Ultrabasic benefit. While a few clients may seem "reasonable" or allowable to you, we ask that you comprehend that Ultrabasic must act as per its Notice and Takedown system when a report has been gotten. Furthermore, certain works might be brought down without an explicit report being gotten in the event that we are generally alarmed or mindful of potential encroachment issues.

At last, you assume full liability for the works you transfer and show on Ultrabasic. This is reflected in the Ultrabasic Client Assertion. Utilization of the Ultrabasic site proposes proceeded with acknowledgment of this Understanding.

So kindly help all of us out and in the event that somebody has made or claims the rights to an image, painting, photo, logo, story, lyric or some other work, copyright, trademark or attention right (paying little heed to whether it's an individual or an extensive worldwide organization), gain assent before you utilize that work regarding the Ultrabasic benefit. This will help secure that you don't encroach the privileges of any outsider and help us advance an empowering and rousing condition at Ultrabasic loaded up with mind, soul, which means and tasteful virtuoso.

REPEAT INFRINGER POLICY: is Ultrabasic's strategy, in fitting conditions, to cripple or potentially end the records of clients who more than once encroach or are over and over accused of encroaching the copyrights, trademark rights, other protected innovation rights or attention privileges of others.

Ultrabasic regards the licensed innovation privileges of others and we request that our clients do likewise.

In the event that you trust that your substance has been utilized in a way that establishes an encroachment of your rights, kindly advise Ultrabasic's assigned specialist for protestations (contact email beneath) by sending a Notice and Takedown Report, which must incorporate the accompanying vital data: 

  1. an electronic or physical mark of the individual approved to follow up for the proprietor of the important issue;
  1. a depiction of the issue professed to have been encroached;
  1. a depiction of where the guaranteed encroaching substance is situated on the Ultrabasic site. URLs ought to be in the accompanying structure:
  1. your location, phone number, and email address;
  1. Affirmation by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the questioned use isn't approved by the proprietor, its operator, or the law;
  1. an announcement by you, made under punishment of prevarication, that:

     7.the above data is exact, and you are approved to follow up in the interest of

         the proprietor of the rights included. 

       Ultrabasic's Assigned Specialist for grumblings can be come to at  

Also, in specific conditions, Ultrabasic may suspend or end clients who as we would see it encroach the copyrights, trademarks, attention rights or different privileges of others intentionally (see conscious abuse).

On the off chance that Your Work Has Been Incorporated into a Notice/Takedown Report

On the off chance that the Ultrabasic Content Group has gotten a Notice and Takedown Report which explicitly notes at least one of your works, the prominent works will have been expelled. You won't have the capacity to view or refresh these works.

The Notice and Takedown Report that has been gotten might have additionally included different works by different specialists, and by expelling the work, we are not expressing that your work does or does not encroach copyright, trademark or attention rights law.

We have a lawful duty to follow up on reports documented as per our IP/Exposure Rights Approach.

While the work might not have been an immediate duplicate of another person's work, it might contain components, logos, or individual likeness which may encroach on another's rights.

On the off chance that you trust a report was in blunder or ought not to have any significant bearing to your work, you have the privilege to document a counter-notice.

We do apologize that we are lawfully not ready to give singular copyright, trademark or exposure rights counsel, or give closely-held convictions on these issues.

We prescribe that you explore the pertinent copyright, trademark and exposure rights laws and their application to your work on the Web (a couple of connections underneath), or counsel an I.P. master on the off chance that you are uncertain why your particular work may have been incorporated into a Notice and Takedown Report.


Documenting a Counter Notice

In the event that you trust that evacuation of the substance is the consequence of an oversight (for instance, that you have approval) or misidentification, you can send us a counter-take note. Such counter-see must give the accompanying data: 

  1. An electronic or physical mark of the individual approved to follow up for the benefit of the proprietor of the applicable issue; 
  1. a depiction of the substance which we have expelled, including the URL on which the substance was situated on the Ultrabasic site;
  1. your location, phone number, and email address;
  1. an announcement by you that you agree to the locale of the Council de grande case de Paris and that you will acknowledge administration of process from the individual who gave notice portrayed above or an operator of such individual;
  1. an announcement by you that, under punishment of prevarication, you have a decent confidence conviction that the material was evacuated or incapacitated because of misstep or misidentification of the material to be expelled or crippled.
    1. You can send a counter-notice to

On the off chance that we get your counter-see yet your work does not consent to the Ultrabasic Client Assertion or potentially IP/Attention Rights Approach, we may illuminate you that we are not ready to reestablish your work. We may likewise ask for additional data from you so as to decide if the work can be reestablished. 

By and large, in any case, we will forward your counter-notice specifically to the complainant, which will incorporate your own contact data. Around then the complainant may make lawful court move against you in France. On the off chance that following 14 days the complainant has not made the lawful move against you, you may get in touch with us to ask for that we restore your work. On the off chance that your work generally conforms to our Client Understanding and IP/Exposure Rights Arrangement, we may restore your work around them.


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